Great Work Leads To Great Testimonials.

Testimonials are key to building great companies. These are some of our standout testimonialsĀ from over the years. We’ll do a great job for your event and when we do, all we ask is leave a great review. Help us build upon our reputation.

Taylor Tellier – July 2, 2016

Aaron was AMAZING for our wedding! Everyone had so much fun and spent all night on the dance floor! The music was wonderful and. Aaron is such an outgoing person and so adaptable to what we needed him to do.

Michelle Bauman June 18, 2016

Aaron is awesome at what he does! He is incredibly professional, quick to respond to questions and super helpful with his suggestions. He kept our dance floor full the entire night and made sure our guest were happy. I would highly recommend him to everyone looking for a DJ.

Tamara Nan – August 29, 2015

Aaron you did an amazing job for us at our wedding this summer. It was even more outstanding since the air conditioning was on the fritz yet you kept the party going and people decided to heck with it and danced and had fun anyway! Thanks so much for making our day wonderful.

Merina Brodie – October 14, 2015

Aaron thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day special šŸ˜€

Shawn and JenniĀ – August 15, 2015

Aaron thank you so much for everything you did. From the dress rehearsal, to the Ceremony to the Reception. It was such a relief to have someone who knew what they were doing and you were very prepared which gave me so much relief (you knew me better than I did!!). You had great suggestions, you were attentive and listened so well. Every request was responded to promptly and in a professional manner. I heard many good things about you from my guests. They all said you kept the party going and I enjoyed the change in music as the night went on. From golden oldies, to classic rock, to the 90s music and even the crappy dance club music that I love so very guiltily in my heart (my friends did too) – I am so happy I was able to spend my night on the dance floor. You made it hard to leave. As they say, the most important thing for a successful reception is good food and a good DJ. You rocked!!

Allan McKay – December 13, 2014

Excellent service provided, highly recommend this to all who require a DJ

Julie and Jacek – July 19, 2014

Great job on our wedding last night! The dancing was non-stop, and our guests had a great time. They were definitely feeling the 90s!!

Angela and Craig – June 28, 2014

Aaron!!! What an incredible day we had!! Thank you so much for the amazing music you picked for us!! I’m so happy that the weather held our for our reception outside!! Thank you for helping to make our day perfect!!!

Alex and Brent – April 26, 2014

Hey Aaron!!! I just wanted to say thanks for making my wedding suchĀ a blast!!! You were so knowledgeable and easy to work with, you played an excellent mis of music for the big age gap in guests that I had, and all in all made everything flow perfectly smooth!!! And you even managed to keep my 6 year old step daughter happy when she decided it was her running the show… Thanks for being professional, friendly, and ofcourse entertaining!!! I will be recommending you to anyone needed DJ services!!! šŸ™‚

Jana Bjorgan – September 21, 2012

Hey Aarron!!! Just wanted to give a quick shout out to you!!! You did an amazing job at our wedding!!! I dont think people realize how important the right music is at a wedding. I keep hearing that ours was one of the most fun in years!! People did not leave the dance floor!! Thanks again!!!

Scott and Ashley Moison – May 11, 2013

Anyone who is wondering who to have as a DJ for there wedding partyĀ etc I give my “stamp of approval” so to speak for Soundfonix not only was Aaron very pleasurable and enjoyable but very open to requests and made sure everyone had a great time dancing and enjoyin the music You will NOT be dissapointed!

Katelyn Jayne – September 21, 2013

Aaron was by far the best DJ we could have asked for. From his amazing contract to his knowledge of music he was definitely the most prepared DJ we met. At the wedding, there was a time after about 6 songs I had to drag myself away from the dance floor to go talk to people because Aaron was able to read the crowd and adjust the songs so we were dancing well into the night! Definitely give him a look!!

Crystal and Mackenzie – May 7, 2011

Thank you soo soo sooo much for playing at my wedding on May 7, 2011!! You did an amazing job! everyone loved you and told me to tell you that you did a wonderful job!! Also thank you so much for helping me out with the song selections!! I would have been so lost without you!!

Koreena and Ken – August 13, 2011

My wedding was August 13 did an awesome job everyone enjoyed themselves even with the stupid heat… Thks for being an awesome DJ!!!!

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